30 Tonne Excavator to bridge the gap in Kobelco’s heavy excavator fleet

A new 30-tonne excavator will be available in Australia in less than a month. The SK300-LC by Kobelco is the answer to industry calls for a reliable and efficient heavy excavator and one that won’t disappoint the industry.

Doug McQuinn, General Manager – Sales & Service at Kobelco Australia stated “this new model will hit the sweet spot for those wanting something big, but not too big. It will bridge the gap in Kobelco’s heavy excavator fleet.”

The SK300-LC excavator is the latest addition to the Kobelco Generation 10 series. The Gen 10 series has had a very impressive response from the market since its introduction in 2016 and Kobelco anticipate the same response with the 30 tonne release.

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