5 tips to maintain your earthmoving equipment

Earthmoving Machinery is extremely complex and requires the proper maintenance and repairs to keep it functioning at its highest performing level. As it is a big investment, every bit of downtime counts. By following these simple tips, owners and operators will keep their equipment and tools safe and high functioning resulting in less downtime. And therefore, more money in your pocket at the end of the day!


1. Clean your earthmoving equipment everyday
This would seem like common knowledge to clean your machine thoroughly everyday however we see many a machine come through our service centre or traded in where this is not the case. When a machine hasn’t been cleaned regularly, not only is the appearance affected but parts that have accumulated dirt, grime and debris will become damaged, malfunction or will eventually stop working.

For equipment that is constantly working near water especially the ocean, a rinse off every day is necessary to avoid rust from salt water.


2. Get services administered by an authorised dealer
The local mechanic may be cheaper but in the long term will actually cost you more if repairs are done incorrectly, parts are replaced with foreign spares to your machine and the mechanic is unfamiliar with your model and what a service requires. If repaired or serviced incorrectly, small problems may eventually become massive issues causing increased downtime.

When you take your machine to be serviced or repaired at an authorised dealer of that machine model all your parts are original, guaranteed and warranted. Our experienced mechanics will use the only parts that fully meet the quality requirements essential for the cost effective operation of your machine.

Plus, the mechanics are so knowledgeable and experienced with those brands sold through there dealership that they will be able to pick up on issues before it has even occurred.


3. Lubricate your equipment
A common issue for a machine is created from lack of lubricating parts and tools of that particular machine. Moving parts and components will need lubrication regularly in order for them to function at their optimum level as the frequent movement causes friction.

Be sure not to use too much lubrication however, as excess lubrications can cause grease build-up and other longer term issues.


4. Train employees on how to use your machine
Anyone can jump on an excavator or earthmoving machine and get it to run but only a skilled worker will keep your machine in solid working condition. By having only skilled workers use your machine, you will decrease the chance of accidents, damage from side swiping walls and barriers, rear scratches and hydraulic system issues. Training your staff can teach workers the limits a specific piece of earthmoving equipment may have, how to use the right tools for the job, safety measures to be taken, and operating guidelines that must be abided by.


Limiting untrained workers use of the machine will also ensure a safe working environment for not only the operator but others in the worksite.


5. Get advice on what parts can be used on your new machine
When purchasing a new machine, it is important to discuss with your dealer the best parts and attachments and sizes to fit your machine. Generally your dealer will stock a range of attachments that have been specifically built to suit your machine.


Working on jobsites with attachments that do not fit or are not compatible can age the life of your machine quickly and cause serious downtime when issues arise.

By selecting the right attachment or tool, you’ll do the job more efficiently, be more productive on the job and keep the equipment, operator, and tools safer.


There you have it, our list of tips for maintaining your machine. For more tips and advice contact your nearest Melbourne Tractors or BrisVegas Machinery service centre.