All Coast Recyclers receive best in class pulveriser

Prior to Easter, Brisvegas Machinery delivered their first ever MSB Pulveriser to concrete recycling plant, All Coast Recyclers. A large part of All Coast Recyclers time involves the initial sorting of rocks, concrete and bricks from demolition sites. The team spends a lot of their time removing rebar from reinforced concrete and recycling the remains. This often involves the crushing of larger concrete slabs; an area which All Coast Recyclers realised they could perform more proficiently with a crushing attachment for their excavator.


Brisvegas Machinery’s answer for this need was their MSB MSHP 3000CT Pulverizer. The pulveriser suits 28 to 40 tonne excavators and was a perfect fit for their 33 tonne Komatsu. This attachment has 320 bar cylinder pressure and cutting force of 260 ton.


The benefits of this pulveriser not only include the crushing force and interchangeable jaws but also at a very competitive price compared to other brands.

Wayne, the operator at All Coast Recyclers stated how impressed he was with the structural integrity of the MSHP 3000CT pulveriser and the incredible crushing force. The new purchase would allow the team to perform quicker and more efficiently than previously.


The MSB range of pulverisers and super attachments are now available at all branches. Call your local dealer to find the right attachment for your business and a quote.