ASV Dig Day – benefits of a Terex

Recently we joined the team at ASV Sales & Service in Newcastle for a day in the dirt and the opportunity to learn more about the features of the Terex Posi-Track loaders. The day was spent discussing the benefits of the Posi-Track, as well as doing head to head comparisons of Terex models to competitor brand’s equivalent models.


ASV’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Chris Wolf, says the main goal was to better educate their dealership network about the Terex/ASV Posi-Track loaders.


“Our salesman across Australia know that the Terex Posi-Track models have a superior undercarriage and are excellent performers across all types of working environments,” he said.


“But today was about giving them the technical confidence to easily communicate this with their customers and dispel any myths which people may have about steel embedded undercarriages compared to the superior Posi-Track system.”


All machines were put through their paces in real construction and earthmoving environments. From mud pit tests, sand hill climbs and steep incline tests to hill slides and comfort ride tests across bits of timber and building materials. The Terex outrivaled the competitor models in all tests, showcasing its strength, durability and unique undercarriage design.

Sand test

Steep incline test



Mud testing


To request video footage please email with your name, and postcode.


Onsite we were also shown the results of flow testing and A/C testing of our Terex Posi-track models against Kubota machines. To learn more about the results be sure to call your local dealer on the details at the bottom of this article.


The ASV Dig Day was a massive success, with the team from Melbourne Tractors, Brisvegas Machinery and Ballarat Tractors walking away with clear cut facts about the advantages of the Terex Posi-Track loader range.


Just some of these include:

  • Greater travel speed – through improved design
  • Better flotation – lower ground pressure and lower impact
  • Increased comfort – Ride quality, quieter, noise reduction
  • Superior performance – in the toughest conditions
  • Open undercarriage design – Less debris held in compared to closed design
  • Ease of maintenance and parts installation. Turnbuckle tensioned, component based replacement system
  • Absence of corrosion – No exposed metal parts are integrated and exposed thus does not allow rust
  • Increased Tractive Effort – Balance, track width and footprint
  • Better bucket load retention – Smoothest ride
  • Increased production – Superior operator comfort, machine speed, controllability, better load retention.
  • Industry Leading Track Warranty – 2 year 1500 hours


For more information or to get a quote on a Terex Posi-track loader call:

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Ballarat call (03) 5334 2444

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