Digging up young sporting talent

Brisvegas Machinery is proud to sponsor new, young sporting talent, Shannon Cane, from Narangba Queensland. Shannon dreams of one day racing in the V8 super cars and being one of the few females to make it in the racing industry and to inspire other girls that they can make it too.


At just 14 years old, Shannon has been racing karts since she was five and at 13 years old stepped up into a race car. Currently in stage two of her training, Shannon plans to tackle the Keema Cars Queensland Excel Cup in 2016. The excel cup is a great platform for young drivers to race in a competitive environment while improving their driving skills. The event is held at Lakeside Raceway and Queensland Raceway across eight rounds of exciting car racing for the year.


Brisvegas Machinery have donated the striking Kobelco blue green paint and stickers for Shannon’s Hyundai Excel race car and hopes to further their support when Shannon starts racing in 2016.

Brisvegas Machinery General Manager, Kane Bennett said it is a pleasure to support young talent that shows enormous passion and is committed to pursuing her dreams.


“Shannon shows great determination and we couldn’t be happier to be supporting her venture to becoming the best possible athlete she can be. Shannon is a great inspiration for not only females trying to get into the racing industry but any female trying to make it in an industry that is mostly male dominated, and that includes, the earthmoving and construction industry.”


Earlier this month Shannon sat down to answer some questions for us about her racing career and what we can expect in the future:


1. How did you first get into racing?

I first got introduced to racing through my Dad when he decided to give dirt kart racing a try. He decided that he loved the idea of racing but, he didn’t like the dirt.


Dad started his own bitumen kart club called Auskart at Lakeside Raceway. I went down to the track with Dad all the time. Dad met a kart supplier, Guy Tingey, from KNK karts.  Guy developed the first Bambino Kart for little kids. I was the test subject for the kart. So for my 6th Birthday Guy gave me the kart. The test was a success so I continued to drive the kart and have been racing ever since. I was 13 when I decided to upgrade to a race car.


Shannon first started racing karts


2. What’s your best finish and your worst finish?

My best finish was in my last year of karts. I defeated a boy called Ryan who had won 3 championships and was considered one of the best junior drivers and the one to beat. Out driving Ryan on that day would have to be my best finish.


My worst finish was when I put the race car into the wall on the last lap of my sprint run. I really was pushing the car hard, I was 3 seconds quicker than my previous lap. I ran out of talent got onto the marbles and lost the back of the car, unable to recover resulting in it diving head first into the wall. So I guess I didn’t really finish…


3. Can you tell us about some of your achievements?

Some of my achievements include taking out 3rd position in the lakeside 300 endurance kart race. Also, getting to be on Totally Wild and meeting Pip from the show and having Tim Slade (Australian motors racing driver) at Auskart and getting to race with him.  Maro Engel came to the track also.


Maro joined a race with everyone at Auskart and I beat him which was really cool. I was sponsored by SP Tools at the time and got to go and do some poster signings with the grid girls at the V8s. It was great to have my own posters with me on them, and the SP tools kart. I also had to take pictures with people as well, so I really felt like a true race driver.


4. What is your most memorable moment as a driver?

I have had so many good times in and out of the car. My most memorable moment was not in the car or kart but the day that I travelled to the Gold Coast with Dad to buy my first race car, a Mercedes 190E.


5. What sort of training are you doing in preparation for the Hyundai Excel Cup?

I’m in the second stage of racing at the moment. The first stage is learning to drive the car. Second stage is learning to drive the car fast on lines and doing street sprints and time attacks and the third stage is racing. At the moment I am in the second stage doing time attacks challenging yourself to beat your times, and street sprints which is to be consistent with your times. I have a driving coach Doug Chapple, who is a very accomplished race driver and who is teaching me how to drive fast and race craft in a car. I also do some running and walking to keep me fit and I do ab workouts that I find on YouTube. I find that fitness is important in a race so that you can keep going at your best.

Shannon training for the Hyundai Excel Cup


6. What do you want to do when you grow up? Do you aspire to have a career in racing?

I really want to make it in the racing industry. My dream is to be a race car driver. I would love to make it into the V8 super cars – it would be my ultimate goal! Or driving in an overseas series like DTM would be amazing too. I want to be one of the few females to make it in the racing industry and to inspire other girls that they can make it too.


7. Is there anybody that has inspired you in the racing industry? 

Aside from my Dad, who is my hero, I have always looked up to Danica Patrick and Rene Gracie. Danica has done so much in the racing industry. Rene is the only girl in the Dunlop series and is so close to the V8’s. Rene will be racing in Bathurst this year which is such a big achievement. Susie Wolf is also an inspiration because she raced in DTM and is one of test drivers for F1.


8.  Anything you can tell us about yourself?

I currently work for Queensland Raceways to pay for my track time and licences. I mainly work in the office learning the sign on process and learning how to make trophies. I’m learning about how it all runs on a track day and now race days as well. I also like to play the mandolin, netball and other sports.


We wish Shannon all the best for her racing career and can’t wait to one day be cheering her on in the V8 Super Cars! To keep updated on Shannon’s progress through the Hyundai Excel Cup in 2016 follow the Brisvegas Facebook page.