Importance of selecting the right Compaction Equipment

With the growing housing developments and road upgrades contractors should do their homework when looking at purchasing a compacting machine to complete the job.

Light compaction equipment is known for its high return on investment (ROI) and the array of different projects they can manage, including compacting asphalt on pathways and soil in trenches. When considering which type to purchase, contractors should be looking for units with productivity enhancing features that reduce service time and are highly maneuverable.

Contractors should always be looking for compaction equipment fitted with compaction technology that can help you improve compaction measurements. ACE Technology by Ammann can perform these measurements, eliminating certain manual steps. ACE is capable of distinguishing when compaction is achieved, allowing you to move onto uncompacted areas and completing jobs more efficiently. This technology is not new but the improvements by Ammann are!

Below is a list of the different types of light compaction equipment and what they are best used for;

Rammers – Ideal for tight applications and trench compaction – See the range

Vibratory Plates – Ideal for soil and asphalt compaction – See the range

Walk Behind Rollers – Usually used for asphalt and soil compaction