Improvements on Ammann ACR rammers hit the market

Ammann recently conducted training with our sales team to demonstrate the upgrades to the ACR Rammers. Feedback from customers and the industry were the main drivers behind the improvements, keeping Ammann equipment one step ahead of their competitors.


Asymmetric Offset Plate

Rammers now come with an Asymmetric offset plate, allowing the compaction to take place without the rammer being directly above when the compaction space is limited such as working against trench walls allowing safer operation.

Filter Concept

Ammann have also introduced a new filter concept. The new voluminous air filter now has a vortex precleaner mechanism and is more ease to maintain without tools resulting in up to five times longer service intervals.

Single Throttle / Fuel Shut off lever

They have also built-in a throttle which includes the fuel shut off for machine storage preventing engine trouble, the new throttle type is a start and operate position reducing the risk of burning out the centrifugal clutch due to incorrect RPM at time of operation.

Ammann ACR Rammers drive with a natural forward jumping movement providing fast and easy operation and are best used for trench compaction, back filling, pipe work, foundation work, patch work on roads and used in confined areas. For more information on the Ammann Compaction equipment contact our sales team.


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