Kobelco GeoScan | How can you use it to your Advantage

Kobelco has been at the fore-front of intregrating the latest technologies to stay ahead of the plant equipment market. GeoScan, their remote fleet tracking and management system, is one of the many systems they have developed to stay ahead and Kobelco excavator owners should know how beneficial this system can be to the success of their businesses.

Whether you are an owner operator with a single machine or a large business with an extensive fleet, Kobelco’s GeoScan will assist you and your business to monitor and analyse how your machine/s can better perform. GeoScan gives businesses the ability to track fuel levels, service schedules, monitor the machine location, program warning alerts and much more. With all of this information now at businesses fingertips, they are able to make more informed decisions to increase productivity and the positively effect businesses bottom lines. Learn how to set up GeoScan

So exactly what can you do using GeoScan?

Set up automatic email notifications

In your GeoScan account you can set up automated emails to notify you or your managers about the machines requirements, such as a clogged air cleaner, service internals, low fuel level, system fault warnings and more. Having these alerts automated means addressing the issues before its too late and reducing downtime and costly maintenance.

These alerts can also be found against the machine if you log-in to your GeoScan account

Establish Geo-Fences to reduce theft

Set up a virtual geographic parameter of where the machine can operate within for a particular period of time. If the excavator leaves the parameters set, an email alert will be issued to notify you of the breach.

Set up machine operating times

GeoScan’s operating time functionality allows you to Input the excavators specified hours of operation for security purposed. You can set up an email alert to be sent out if the machine is operated outside of these times, preventing your excavator from being used without your consent or stolen from a jobsite.

Monitor your operational data

The ability to measure your machines performance, opens up the ability to reduce costs and increase productivity. GeoScan provides reporting on the excavators working data including;

Daily working data

You can look at your machines daily operation time over a specified period. At a glance, you can see the operation condition of each machine on a daily or monthly basis and you can see the breakdown of specific hours your excavator was in operation letting you monitor the average fuel consumption and working load of the machine. If you are using hydraulic attachments as a add on per hour cost you can also snap shot the amount of time they are used on the job to assist with billing.

Machine Operating Data

Following on from the daily working data, GeoScan allows you to look at the machines working hours segmented by work type which includes; working load level, working hours, digging hours, travelling hours and idling hours. This can help you and your manager’s monitor how efficient the machine operator is, and stay on top of servicing and avoid costly repairs.


Keep an eye on your engines idling time – An idling engine not only means wasted fuel, but more downtime for scheduled servicing and higher machine hours if you decide to sell down the track, greatly affecting the resale value. Dependent on the work and construction site, an engine’s idle time should never be more than 30%.

Avoid dirt in your hydraulic system – Hammers are known for introducing dirt into the hydraulic system reducing the Hydraulic oil and filter life. Dependant on hammer usage you may need to reduce the service interval of your filters and oil to avoid damage to your machine. GeoScan records the amount of attachment use for you keeping you on top of any additional maintenance required.

“Oil is cheap insurance” this is a saying that gets mentioned a lot when talking about final drives in machines. Being able to monitor the amount of walking a machine is doing is also beneficial in preventative maintenance – If the machine is walking double the amount usual then you should reduce the service interval of the oil.

Fuel usage compared to working mode – Monitor your machines fuel usage in each of its work modes (ECO, Standard, High). Some operators will leave a machine in H mode for the entire shift, although the machines are equipped with the Auto Decel function they may be burning excess fuel doing work that the machine will do just as efficiently in a lower setting.

Have a meeting coming up and need to report on your plant performance? GeoScan makes this easy! You can snap shot a summary of the machine into a monthly report that is downloaded straight into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and graphed providing all your information into an easy to read format.