Kobelco recycling excavators lead the way in innovation

The three recycling excavator models, SK135SRD, SK235SR & SK200, lead the way in innovation. They come complete with the Kobelco Geoscan Remote Monitoring system, rear camera, flat shoes, one-way call system and height detection limiter as standard.


These models also feature:

  • Innovative Clamp Arm has been designed for a tighter grip around objects for a variety of tasks
  • Short rear swing ideal for working in tight spaces
  • The hydraulic system reduces energy loss and common-rail electronically controlled engine, keeps fuel consumption low while boosting work volume
  • Cab guards installed to enhance safety
  • Spacious and comfortable cab


These three models also come with a 2 year/3000 hour full factory warranty and 4 year/6000 hour EPT warranty.


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