New Holland Introduces Scholarship Program

New Holland Construction has introduced a new scholarship program as part of its commitment to support talented young Australians achieve their dreams.


The goal of the program is to identify children aged between 12 and 17 years old that have outstanding talent but do not have the resources, funding or support to reach their full potential. Whatever the field that the child is interested in, whether it be in the arts, sports or academic – New Holland would like to help to further assist in their development and reach new heights of success in their chosen pursuit.


The scholarship awarded to individuals will be up to the value of $2000, over a period of 12 months and can be gifted to the recipient in flights, accommodation, memberships or equipment depending on the child’s needs.


Scholarships will be awarded to those that best demonstrate their passion, performance and commitment in their chosen field. Parents, friends, coaches, teachers and other mentors can also nominate a child they think would benefit from the scholarship program.


So, want to make your dream become a reality?! Visit the New Holland Construction website for more information and to apply.