Not just a ring in – Anthony Ring Excavations is here to stay!

29 year old family man, Anthony Ring from Sorrento, Victoria mustered enough courage to start his own excavation business just 4 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.


Anthony’s latest purchase from Melbourne Tractors, the Kobelco 15 tonne SK135SR, his current fleet of three Kobelco excavators and a Terex Positrack loader and another on order is proof of his business’ thriving success.


“I have been operating machines since I was 19 and was working between a couple of local earthmoving companies, as well as a few contractors to get the experience and contacts,” Anthony said.


“I got a few tips here and there but was mostly self-taught and really enjoyed this type of work. It wasn’t until people started contacting me directly for work and trying to convince me to get my own equipment that I decided to bite the bullet and start Anthony Ring Excavations.”


Since the beginning of this venture in October 2010, Anthony believes having reliable equipment has been crucial to his success, as well as having a great relationship with his local dealer, Melbourne Tractors. This also being the driving force behind his new Kobelco purchase.


“Having a fleet of Kobelco excavators already – I would be mad to look at any other brand. They are extremely reliable and quite compact in size,” Anthony said.


“The Kobleco SK135SR is the perfect size for growing my business as it is large enough for bigger projects but then also compact enough that I can continue my smaller jobs including pool digs,” he said.


Anthony’s most recent purchases include the Kobelco SK135SR complete with Doherty hydraulic hitch, 600mm and 1800mm SF buckets, general purpose bucket, vandal covers, ripper and safety rails. He also has a new Terex PT50T with Norm Engineering 4 in 1 bucket and enclosed cab on order.


His new purchases are due to an increased workload and a larger scale of jobs. Anthony has been busy working on a range of projects including general landscaping, plumbing works, concrete foundations, site clearing, cuts and driveway construction. He often finds himself on smaller residential jobs but quite enjoys the large scale commercial and residential projects he contributes to.


“Being a local to the area, I’ve really liked being involved with some large projects on the peninsula including the Mt Martha Life Saving Club and Blairgowrie Yacht Squadron,” Anthony said.


“I’ve also been doing many multi-million dollar domestic house builds in the Portsea and Sorrento area which are a lot of fun and extremely rewarding to work on.”


Owning and operating a business is no easy task, but Anthony says being good at your job and passionate about your business and customers definitely helps.


“I try to be as professional as possible whether that is arriving to jobs on time or on dates I have committed to and going that extra yard to complete my scope of work on time and under budget,” he said.


“Most importantly, it’s making sure I have a 100% customer satisfaction rate, whether it be a regular client or a one off customer.”



“I have great support team at home to help me; my wife, Emma and two beautiful children, Addison and Mason. I want to work as hard as possible to not only make Anthony Ring Excavations successful but also give my family the best in life,” Anthony said.


“And you never know, hopefully young Mason will one day want to take over his Dad’s business.”


Anthony admits to having some initial anxiety starting his own business but proud of how far he has come in a short amount of time.


“There was an original fear I had before starting out of my own that I may fail, go bankrupt and be the laughing stock of Sorrento,” he said.


“But I would always rather have a crack than regret not having a go at all.”


Download the Kobelco SK135SR brochure or get in touch with your local dealer to get a quote.

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