Terex PT30 upgrades to full duo cone hub undercarriage

The Terex PT30 has recently undergone an undercarriage upgrade, now boasting the exact same undercarriage of the higher horsepower models including the PT50 and PT60. All new PT30 Positrack models now feature a full duo-cone sealed hub.


So what exactly does this mean?


Previously, the Terex PT30 used a conical bearing in the wheel which has several different components and is grease lubricated much like what is used on a trailer axle bearing. However, on some occasions and over time, our team found that the grease broke down due to factors like heat, ingress of dust and water thus these elements came into contact with the bearing. This factor alone meant more maintenance for Terex PT30 owners.


The new Terex PT30 is designed and built with floating seal hubs, otherwise known as a duo cone configuration. This means that the bearing is housed in an entirely sealed compartment unlike the older model and separate from the wheel, meaning owners can changes wheels without changing the central hub.


The benefits of the new duo cone wheel undercarriage on the PT30 include:

  • The compartment is completely sealed meaning no dust or water can damage the bearing
  • Customers can change wheels without changing the hub and also change tracks without removing the hub.
  • Idlers in the undercarriage do not require any work meaning costs and maintenance is reduced significantly.
  • From using the duo cone sealed hub, the Terex PT30 has an improved load carrying capacity
  • Plus an improved service life


To learn more about the Terex full duo cone wheels please contact the parts or service department at your local branch.

Ballarat – (03) 5334 2444

Brisbane – (07) 3217 0630

Campbellfield – (03) 9303 5777

Dandenong – (03) 9799 4777