Do You Dial Before You Dig?

It is important to know and understand your obligations and responsibilities prior to digging in specific areas to protect underground networks and avoid COSTLY REPAIRS. Below is a few pointers to consider before you commense working.

Know your obligations;

  • Obtain a copy of all the plans and documents identifying assets on-site and double check they are current
  • Inspect the site yourself. Occasionally plans and documents may be inaccurate due to Asset Owners not informing authorities of any changes that have taken place
  • Verify any assets which are on-site or in close proximity to your project. Consider obtaining/ purchasing underground asset-locating devices as these can be a great help in quickly identifying the location of assets and will assist in avoiding damaging them.
  • Locate and Expose all underground services and assets before you start excavating. Follow the clearance limits surrounding NO GO ZONES for dangerous assets including high pressure gas pipes and high-voltage electricity cables
  • Ensure you are operating a safe working environment including the safety of your co-workers and the public. Use safe barriers to protect underground assets
  • Strictly follow all special requirements set by the Asset Owner

You have a duty of care to avoid underground networks when excavating and digging. For more information please go to Dial before you dig 

If you have other recommendations, please feel free to share them with us.